Too Many Startup Pitching Events

    Since last few years, we've seen so many startup conferences, competitions, pitching events,  government schemes, accelerators and incubators around us. Do they actually work?
Actually, same people attended most of these events. Investors got bored to listen to these similar pitches. And the founders spent so much of time and budget to prepare the presentation on the events. How many founders actually got a check from the investors on these events?
    The founders of the startup  companies should spend time on the business development process. Get in touch with potential customers and generate more revenue. Once you have an impressive growth in your business, investors will come to see you.


Beware of Startup Prostitution — Life Tips

My Notes:

10 personal reasons why you should stop taking part in beauty parades and spend more time building your business:

- Too Many Startup Pitching Events

- Fundraising

- Startup Conferences 

- Women & Startups 

- Hiring 

- Mentor Backlash

- Product Market

 - Startup Training 

- Let’s Talk Money

- EXIT is a Dirty word. OR NOT.