Raise or Lower Terrain by the Unity Terrain Editor

 Steps of building terrain by the Unity Terrain Editor:

1. Start

GameObject> 3D Object> Terrain

Hierarchy> Terrain
Inspector> Terrain> Raise/Lower Terrain

Use the selected brush to raise terrain in the scene view.

Inspector> Terrain>  Paint Height
Inspector> Terrain>  Settings>  Height>   20

 Brush inner lower area.

Inspector >  Terrain>  Settings>   Height>   50

Brush outer higher area.


Debug the Odoo in Ubuntu with different user name

Once we've installed the Odoo as a service in Ubuntu, Odoo will be started up automatically. If we want to debug the Odoo, we should stop the Odoo service first. Also, we will encounter the "Peer authentication failed for user "odoo"" error if our login user name is not odoo. In order to conquer these problems we should do the following steps:

1. Stop service:
sudo service odoo stop

2. set the user odoo as a trusted user to all databases from local:
sudo nano /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/pg_hba.conf
then add the following line into the file:
local all odoo trust
then restart the postgresql:
sudo service postgresql restart

3. Start odoo with the db user odoo:
cd /usr/bin
./odoo.py -r odoo


Peer authentication failed for user "odoo"