CubicPower New York Maze: a 3D street VR viewer

Let's try to click the CubicPower New York Maze Index-Aa as follows:


We can see lots of names with an Aa prefix and the street names  like:

New York Maze index-Aa

  • AA Bus-E Broadway New York
  • AA Ichiban Sushi-7th Ave New York
  • AA Ichiban-W 28th St New York
  • AA Nails Spa-Pine St New York
  • AA Stylist Barber Shop-34th Ave New York
  • AAA Ami Vegetarian-2nd Ave New York
  • AAA Architectural Hardware-W 46th St New York
  • Aaa Auto Body Shop-W 38th St New York
  • AAA Cleaners-Ave A New York
  • AAA Dental PC-W 48th St New York
  • Aaa Glass Plus-Avenue C New York
  • AAA Ichiban Sushi-Orchard St New York
  • AAA Laundry-2nd Ave New York
  • AAA Marrakech-E 7th Street New York
  • AAA Range INC-W-37th St New York
  • Aaa Super Nail Salon Incorporated-3rd Ave New York
  • AAA Towing Service-351st New York
  • AAA-Broadway New York
  • A AAA Alliance Moving Inc-St 102 Albemarle New York
  • A A A Apple Dell Gateway Repair & Data Recovery-W 71st Street New York
  • A A A Federal Home & Building Inspections-York
  • AABC Plumbing-East 112 St New York
  • Aabc Plumbing-W 35th St New York
  • AAC Realty Corporation-Flatbush Ave New York
  •  ......

    Click any of them like AA Bus, then we can see a map at the top of the screen and a 3D WebGL VR scene of street beneath.

    Click the 3D view,hold the left button and move the mouse forward. Actually you are moving the camera forward. Then try to move the camera backward. You will see a bigger view angle of the street.

     Or, you can also use the up, down ,left or right keys to move the camera around the street.
    Finally, let's keep pressing the down key and see what's happening.