English and Chinese of martial art movements

武術動作英文 前手擊與後手擊

place the feet shoulder-width apart 雙腳與肩同寬
take a step forward with the left foot 左腳向前一步
turn the hips and shoulders 轉臀與肩
at approximately a 45-degree angle 約45度
bring your hands up to chin level 手舉高至下巴
tuck your elbows in 手肘夾緊
close to your body 貼近身體
tuck your chin down 收下巴
move the left foot forward 左腳向前
bring the right foot behind the left foot 右腳跟上至左腳後

make a fist 握拳
curl the fingers naturally into the palm of the hand 彎曲手指到掌內
place the thumb across the index and middle fingers 拇指穿越食中指
clench the fist at the point of impact 在撞擊點握緊拳頭
in line with 在同一線上
rotate the hips and shoulders 旋轉臀與肩
moving your body mass forward or backwards 身體前後移動
in a straight line 在一直線上
rapid retraction 快速收回

lead hand punch 前手擊
snap the lead hand out 前手彈出
rotate the palm to the ground 旋轉掌心向下
nearly a full extension 近完全伸展
retract the hand rapidly 手快速收回

rear hand punch 後手擊
thrust the rear hand straight out 後手直線衝出
palm down 掌心向下
shift the body weight to the lead foot 重心移向前腳
push off on the ball of your rear foot 用力推向後腳拇趾球
the rear heel may raise off of the ground 後腳跟可提起

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